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James-fawcett.com is a website created by James Fawcett aka JNA Digital Marketing located in Atlanta USA.

James is born and bred in Australia, relocating over to the USA in 2015. James a former Australian Govt employee… on 6 figures, thought he was able to easily get a government job at the same salary level here in the USA…. turned out to be not so easy.

To help make money, James started selling others products amongst other things and developed a talent in being able to help people achieve their goals.

That being said… James started out affiliate marketing in 2015 and as of January 2020, has now turned it into a Full time 7 Figure Per Year Affiliate marketing business, as well as creating products to help others in their journey to start their business online through affiliate marketing, e-commerce and more.

James is now a 7 figure Digital Product Creator in selling in excess over 2 million in Digital Products to Happy Customers.  

**Any SPAM will be marked accordingly. No illegal solicitation allowed. Any unwanted solicitation will lead to heavy consequences. No cold emails please. Only serious enquiries accepted regarding products promoted on this website or my services illustrated on the services page.

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